Customized –  Boulevard - Big Wheel M109

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  1. Modifications – M109 has a Tornado Nascar pipe on ( sounds like a V8)
  2. Customized Air Box modification with K & N filters
  3. Aftermarket Mirrors
  4. Polished Swing Arm, Diff and Front Forks
  5. Trimmed Tail
  6. Aftermarket Brake disc’s on Front and Rear
  7. Indicators mounted on Headlight widened
  8. Customized 240” Front Wheels with widened mud guard
  9. Chin Scoop
  10. Black Crash bars
  11. Widened 280” Rear Wheel
  12. Wheels sprayed white with M109R stickers to make wheels stand out
  13. Yoke: - Comparison of Tornado Top Yoke and stock Yoke