TG's Tornado


Tornado Developments nurtures the devotion, admiration and passion of every motor bike owners dream machine.

Custom parts, custom exhausts, machined, fabricated, enhance, Johannesburg, Alberton, Krugersdorp, brake discs, wheel polishing, suspension..

Our objective is always to take an owners most prized possession into our workshop; build and rebuild, enhance, and handle each bike with the expertise and precision it deserves to look magnificent and perform at its optimum best safely and beautifully every time it takes to the road.

Driven by customer wants and desires a whole range of cruiser parts and exhaust systems have been developed and successfully added to improve the overall look, power and performance of motorbikes such as Suzuki Boulevard, Harley Davidson, Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, Aprilia, Katana and others.

Custom exhaust systems; a range of brake discs; cruiser and other bike screens; machined and fabricated special parts have all become part of our stock or can be made and installed to specification.

The instigator of Tornado Developments, Trajan Grobler (TG) is known for his long racing career, passion for speed and decades of involvement in race preparation, engine building, tuning and suspension. He is known for his long-standing promotion and selling of Yoshimura and Dobeck performance equipment. 

In 2007 TG was injured in a racing accident and as a result is now paraplegic, yet he still retains a determination to ride and enhance performance and the look of motor bikes. In 2008 he modified a Yamaha R1 so that he could still circumnavigate a track at a record speed if not the same as in his racing career. He has since carefully developed various modifications to bikes for handicapped riders, many can be seen in the product and gallery settings.

As an experienced instructor with the Superbike School, he continues to increase many rider’s skills and speed on the track and the safety of the road cruiser rider.

Custom parts | custom exhausts. Johannesburg, Alberton, Krugersdorp. Custom parts | custom exhausts. Johannesburg, Alberton, Krugersdorp.