TG's Tornado

CBR 1000 Honda Converted for Handicapped Rider

Custom exhaust systems; a range of brake discs

Getting back on a bike again after a serious injury has never been easy. It can be physically and mentally challenging because of the injury sustained. However, for many bike enthusiasts who have suffered serious injuries finding a way to be back on the road or track is nothing short of miraculous determination or its bloody mindedness.

We know this as only a few short months after being released from the spinal unit as a T6 paraplegic, with no possibility of walking again, TG modified his Yamaha R1 and was back on the track.  Since then, We’ve went on to modify and adapt bikes for riders with injuries such as paralysis, loss of muscle control, loss of strength, or loss of limbs.

Recently, we were approached by Francois Roberts, a bike enthusiast who had lost most of his right arm in a road accident. After talking with the manufacturer of his prosthesis and a lot of discussion suggestions and trial and error the possibility is now a reality.

The photographs show how we first modified the throttle with additional cables to work on the left-hand side.  A special hose was added to the master cylinder to allow for the foot brake to do all the breaking.

Francois’s prosthesis is being made to specifications that will hold his arm in place with the hand fitting the right-hand handlebar to enable him to counter steer.

The bike has been tested on the road by Paul Jacobs an experienced road and track rider, before handing over to Francois. We are all confident that with some practice he will be back on his bike within weeks. We’ll be posting some photos soon.

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